Page dated 10/14/98

I think I am in a large park. I am wandering along a path and there is a pretty wide river to my right. People are rowing boats in the river.

I come upon what looks like a spirit of some sort. I think it looks just like me and I recognize it as a lost soul… MY lost soul. It seems to be talking to me but I can’t hear a word and I get the impression it is like an unheard parent. It talks and talks and seems to be wanting to give me a message but, like a child, I am not listening.

Eventually, it turns upward and seems to just hover in wait for me. I am engrossed in watching the people on the river and also it seems I have something on my mind. I just want to “zone out” and think about what’s going on. I can see inside my body is a lot of tangled ‘string’ with lots of knots in it and recognize this as a problem I need to solve. My “spirit” just silently hovers and allows me to struggle with sorting out what seems like my mistakes. Each time I look, I see it is still trying to talk to me but I still don’t hear a thing.

Finally, I say please either help me figure this out, or quit talking. All of a sudden I am in one of the boats floating down the river. My spirit, lost soul, is in the boat with me. I see the mess inside me begin to straighten out and all the knots are coming loose. I become calmer and know that it is the work of my spirit/soul. I wake up.

Dreamer’s comments: I remember this dream like I had it last night. On the page I have noted “I wonder if my soul feels like a parent and I wonder if it gets as frustrated with me as I do parenting my daughter.”

Here is the thing… what really came out of that dream was a new way for me to ‘move on’ from things that distress me. Whenever I am crazed by something, I imagine myself in a boat floating down a stream. I wave good bye to people/things/events that bother me that I plainly see standing on the shore and let them pass out of my point of view. If things come up that I don’t like, I ball them up and throw them overboard. I do this until eventually I end in a large pool of calm water that gently rocks me in my boat. I am free. I have let everything that bothers me go and left it up river never to be seen again.



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