Page dated 8/17/98

Karen Young, and I, and Poochie and Joe were going to some bar place in Buffalo. I saw Dea Hart there. She said I looked better with my sweater (blue) off (red/white shirt). I stayed late. When leaving, I was going too fast to see the signs. Karen was not watching. I ended up going off on an “on” ramp. A truck was stopped there. It was stuck under a sign. That stopped me. I turned around and a police man was there. He was going to give me a ticket I think but when he found out I was from out of town, he gave me directions instead. I was not sure of them but felt they were better than nothing. I forgot the dog so went back to the bar to get her. It was now 4 a.m. and I wanted to call home to let everyone know I was okay. Karen said to use the phone in the kitchen. I saw a neat phone with two receivers wrapped up in Saran wrap on the counter. (It seemed like a very high counter to me.) I thought it was neat and picked up one of the receivers. I looked up and some guy was looking at me. I don’t know if he saw me pick the phone up. I was not sure I was really supposed to be using it. so I put it back quickly. I went back into the bar to use the phone there. It was a rotary. I put in my 25 cents and dialed but there was no stop to the rotary so I wasn’t sure what number I was dialing. My Mom answered. She told me she had Chronic Fatique Syndrom. I asked her to call Joe and tell him I was okay. I wondered where Joe had gone. I thought he had started out with us. But now he was gone. Joe Bowser came to the bar to pick up his baby. His baby was a little girl with yellow hair wearing a yellow sleeper. At some point near the end of the dream, he was waiting for me so I could follow him home.

Dreamer’s comments: There are no notes on the page except for at the point where the police officer gave me directions, I evidently thought they led to a High School as I have “H.S.” noted in the margin. I laugh about Dea Hart noticing my outfit. I don’t know why she was in the dream, but that is exactly what she would do if she saw me; ie, give me fashion advice. I always get the impression she thinks she is just a bit better/smarter than I am whenever I do see her. I must have been frustrated using the phone if there was no stop. I find it interesting  that although I was not able to contact whoever it was I wanted to, I did make contact with my mother.  Joe Bowser and Dea Hart are both old acquaintances who played their parts perfectly, one being helpful and the other not. 



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