Page dated 1/31/99

“teacher” appeared at the kitchen counter. Said life is a cycle. It moves in cycles (up/down). It is like this until it’s not. It will keep going from one extreme to another. Holding self at the fulcrum point, allows for both polarities to exist harmoniously (balance). This puts you above so you can see both. That is where acceptance fits in. It is important to accept that the two polarities can exist at one time. This is what allows you to exist at the fulcrum – at the point of tension – and releases you from the up and down of things. It allows me to be here physically but still be in touch with my eternal self. The minute that I accept, or allow it to be that way, emotional swings will cease. Everything will cease. Bottom line is to allow it to be that way until it isn’t.

Dreamer’s comment: So interesting that I should receive this message in 1999. It is 15 or more years later now. I’ve had many experiential life lessons since then. I can definitely see the truth in this although I’m certain at the time I did not understand. I was dreaming that life is just a dream and not at all real in the way that real is customarily defined.


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