Page dated 2/11/95

There was a wonderful man.  I think I was Chinese looking.  We were moving into a new apartment.  I was a mystic, or a healer, or something.  I had him draw a card from a deck with beautiful pictures.  He drew one with a hill, a diamond shape and sun rays.  (on the page I have actually drawn a crude illustration of this  —  it looks like three small connecting hills or “bumps” – rising from the center of these I have drawn a diamond shape like on a playing card – and shooting from the top half of the diamond are lines that would represent sun rays – sorry don’t  know  how to do that in the middle of text)  When he drew it, the same sign appeared luminous behind him and I knew he was “THE ONE”.

Then we were at a parade or something.  It got very dark.  We were uptown but the post office was on a hill with cement stairs leading up to it.  There was a great national calamity – like a giant earthquake – and there were a lot of small fires.  I knew “HE” was out being helpful.

I was handed the headless dead body of a small maroon colored rabbit.  I cradled it lovingly.  A girl brought me a shoebox to put the body in.  I couldn’t because I knew she would throw it then in a trash heap.  I felt a lot of love and compassion for the small furry body and then that extended out to include everything.  I KNEW that even though I was surrounded with fear and crying and devastation that things were going and happening exactly as they were supposed to.

Further written on this page but not part of the dream – (This was a wonderful dream.  I did not want to wake up.  I felt so good.  So fulfilled.  so wonderful, so insightful and all these words still do not describe how I felt.  I want to be back there!)

Dreamer’s comments:  I remember this dream and how good I felt.  I remember going to work and telling a couple  of friends about it.  I remember one friend who totally “got it” and one who thought I was a little bit “psycho” I think.  LOL!   And maybe I am.  Let me ask you this…  what if dreams are the real deal, and “life” is the dream????  What then?   It seems to me that this was a dream that taught acceptance of “what is”. 


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