Page dated 1/16/00

I met a woman who told me she was a queen.  She wore lots of shiny jewels like diamond but was dressed in regular robes and held no airs about herself.  She told me that I needed to be making practical plans and finding practical solutions for the future.  She seemed to be pointing out notebooks for future reference and indicated I should be content to consult them alone…  to sit quietly or just with my pets at home and think about what they were telling me.  She said I had a midas touch on my own as far as money went…  to not pay any attention to what others thought I should do…  to just follow my own intuition and reason and that these were enough to empower myself.   That there would be some people who liked to show hold their “stuff” high but it was worthless and to pay no attention.

Dreamer’s comments:  Given the conversations I have had with some of my good old friends recently, I wonder if perhaps this “queen” could see this stuff coming…. 


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