Page dated 8/26/99 (from Disney)

#1  Someone was (or I was) looking for a cabin.  One was pointed out but it wasn’t the one being searched for.  Then I saw one deep down the hill further into the woods.  (I feel like this represented something deeper in me)  I saw a person – or a flash of a person’s white shirt.

#2  I dreamt Katie started doing and dealing drugs because she was depressed about being dumped.  She came to me begging for help.

#3  I dropped Abby at a school on a hill but I had to go find her ankle stockings which was going to make me late for work.  I came back to work and there was some sort of meeting going on in one room – or it was being set up – something to do with voting I think.  There was a guard (Cheryl O’Keefe) posted.  I got to my office and there was a woman waiting.  I wasn’t ready for work yet.  I had to still go home and shower.  Had on the same clothes as the day before or something.  She had tried to get into my locked office and had jammed the doors – three that slid one on top of the other.  They were out of order and I had to refit them and put them back in order.  She wanted to know if she could have any discs I might have from my B drive.  She was trying to get some project done for her degree or something maybe.  I was trying to attend a meeting and help her at the same time.  I gave her the disc box to look through.  She found some then she got the computer to spit out other things.  One was a plastic reproduction of an old time plastic santa.  She was amazed and wanted to know how I got it and if I could make more. I could see she wanted to sell them as authentic and fool people.  Then she saw these little bits of square colored glass (crystals maybe) and wanted to know where they came from.  I had the sense they too were valuable.  (That’s when Mickey Mouse called and woke me up.)

Dreamer’s comments:  This is interesting…  In #1, it seems obvious I was being encouraged to continue meditation which I still do – with the flash of white being used as a goal.  in #2 with Katie …  a few years later on a girls’ outing, she and I (only) got high and she told me about a “friend” she had acquired.  So in a way I feel this dream was somewhat prophetic.  In #3, it is 2013 now and 3D printing is all the rage albeit still very expensive…   also I have gone through a phase of learning about gemstones and crystals.


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