Page dated 7/18/99

#1   Went biking with a bunch of girls.  4 or 5 of us including Bambi and Anita Schnell.  We went up West River Road to Allegany and back through town.  Stopped for dinner along about the Motherhouse area although it didn’t look the same.  We came across Dr. Moss.  He said his wife moved back to Germany ahead of him.  He was living with  Bill Penman and David Butts.  Don’t know where _________ went.  Bill’s house?  Noticed I had lost my pedals on my bike.  Terry Schnell came by and said he’d seen one back aways.  At one point I remembered standing to pedal and using only one leg.  Remembered I had’t been able to pedal while standing before.  David lost his jacket.  I was helping  him look for it.  I saw an old bike of mine in his truck.  I asked him to take the pedals off and put them on my bike.  He said ok.  While working on it,  I asked for a cookie.  Or said I wanted one.  Bambi(?) went in a house and came back with a plate full if them,  three different kinds,  passed them around,  pedals fit different but David made them work.  We left.  At some point we girls split up but then came back together again,

#2    Lived in a small apartment with my Mom.  Susie (my sister) came to visit.  She took over and moved stuff.  At one a.m. Anne and Amy came over very early and got me up.  Said there was a family meeting.  I asked Amy what’s it about.  She said she thought it was about her.  I got up.  Looked for clothes in my closet.  All there was were lots and lots of little kid purses  Susie had bought for her grand daughter.  I started bitching.  She told me my clothes were on the plane.  (I can’t remember) but they weren’t then she found them stacked on a kitchen chair.  I grabbed a pair of jeans, put them on and kept saying they weren’t mine.  Nina gave Susie a dirty look and told me she’d bought them for me and to apologize to Susie for thinking she put me out.  My dresser was in the meddle of the floor.  I didn’t like the jeans.  They were too big.  Everyone said I should keep them.  Susie kept saying how I would not like them.  The were  Claude so and so jeans (some brand name).  I didn’t care.  There was something fuzzy right in the middle of the zipper but I decided I could cut that off.  They kept pushing them on me until I felt guilty not taking them so I buttoned them back up.  I looked at the tags.  They were $628.88 marked down to $54.00.  The alarm woke me up.


NOTES: from dream book I wonder if this has something to do with the eye surgery I am contemplating.  Susie called today with some scarer stories about it.  I got a deal.  Was going to pay $2,000/eye.  Today found it in Canada for $500/eye.  (Jeans price  – Susie annoyance) fuzzy piece makes me wonder.

Dreamer’s note – I did have the Lasik surgery and have been very happy with it. 



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